Biology Capstone project

Each student will complete the capstone project to demonstrate that the student understands clearly his or her concentration, has mastered the content of the selected field(s) of study, and can synthesize and apply what he or she has learned. The capstone project may take one of several formats: a research paper, scholarly essay, portfolio, presentation of creative work, business plan, case study, or any other mode appropriate to the student’s interest and experience.’  Let’s first decide what you would like to do.  The student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the Biology concentration at COSC are: Students who graduate with a concentration in Biology will be able to: apply knowledge of subject matter from across the full range of biology curricula, including: core biological concepts; andskills necessary for lifelong professional learning in biological sciences;apply problem solving and critical thinking skills in the biological sciences, including: generating hypotheses, designing approaches to test the hypotheses, and interpreting the data from those tests to reach valid conclusions; and demonstrate ethical demeanor when conducting scientific experiments;apply appropriate quantitative skills for the study of biology;use information literacy skills to find, read, and critically evaluate original scientific literature in biological sciences; use appropriate communication skills to present scientific information; and demonstrate basic laboratory skills.Source: As you evaluate your options here, consider that you must incorporate what you have learned during your academic quest in the field of Biology.I chose the topic ‘The specific adaptations a particular organism has made to a particular environment’

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