Bearing rolling voice can determine fault Essay

Through the Thickness of TIMKEN 56425/56650 Bearing sound which can diagnose the fault of bearing:Takeaway: the sound device is adopted to the size of the rolling sound of bearing in operation and the quality inspection, bearing even with slight stripping damage, also an exception and irregular, and with the sound of the measuring device can distinguish. Using the hearing to identify irregular operation is a very common method. For example, with the aid of electronic stethoscope check feel a certain parts of the abnormal noise is often experienced methods used by the operator.1, if the bearing in good state to swing low whimpering sound. If a sharp hissing sound, make sound, and other irregular often said bearing in adverse to swing. High-pitched squeaky noise may be caused by improper lubrication. Inadequate bearing clearance can cause metal sound.2, the dent bearing outer ring orbit sunken orbit will cause vibration, and sound like the coo of a smooth.3, if because of the installation caused by hitting scar also can produce noise, the noise will be as the bearing rotating speed of high and low.4, if there are intermittent noise, rolling parts may be damaged. This voice is happens when the damaged surface is rolled out, bearing inner if pollutants often causes hissing sound. Serious with bearing damage can produce irregular and big noise.5, bearing damage is can borrow by listening to sleep, but usually at this time has arrived bearing must be replaced immediately. So, a better method for example, using such as Condition of SKF Electronic Monitoring instrument (Electronic Condition Monitoring). Compared with old method USES a wooden stick or screw than screwdriver on the bearing box, the other end of the stick to the ears, new invention ensures safer, more precise estimates of the bearing condition.

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