Answer the Following Business-Related Questions

1. Post a 200-300 word response to the following discussion question In business research we often will need to create measurement instruments for the variable(s) we want to understand. Remember in Week 1 we start our research design process by trying to create a useful definition of a concept or variable we might study. Once we have a workable “operational definition” of all our variables we are ready to create the measurement system we will use.(A) Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages with the following:Rating and ranking scalesLikert scalesUnidimensional and multidimensional scales(B) Consider the way you operationalized the variable “binge drinking” in Week 1. Now, using one or more of the scales noted in (1) above, create two questions you might use in a study about binge drinking. Make sure you include the answer scale you would want the participant to use as well.Binge drinking reference.docx Post a 200-300 word response to the following discussion question 2. Post a response to the scenario-discussion question by clicking on ReplyOne of Kraft’s flagship brands is the Jell-O™ brand. During 2009, the Jell-O® sugar-free pudding cup line was getting a makeover with the introduction of two new flavors: Boston Crème Pie and Cinnamon Roll.What survey research would be helpful in determining whether to introduce these new flavors?Design the questionnaire for the survey research you would have done, following the rules for good questionnaire design as provided throughout Chapter 13 of the text.

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