Answer Sub-netting Questions Using VLSM

Need some help with sub-netting questions using VLSM. Use subnet 0 in all answers. (a)  Given the network (i) Create a subnet mask for 400 subnets with the maximum possible number of hosts in each subnet (ii) find the address of the 250th subnet (iii) VLSM the network address calculated in part (ii) above for as many sub-networks as possible, with no more than 14 usable hosts in each sub-network. Show the subnet mask used.  Show and explain all your working along with your answers. (b) Create a suitable route summarised (aggregated) address and subnet mask for the following networks: 192.168.78/0/16 Show and explain all your working along with your answer. (c) Describe in your own words how a switch knows about the hosts connected to it in a wired Ethernet LAN. In your answer you should consider the type of addressing used and how this relates to the physical connection of the host to the switch. By reference to hosts PC1 and PC2 list the events used by the switch to learn the LAN configuration.

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