97 Pontiac grand Prix gtp 3.8 supercharged tps discussion

I have a 97 gran prix gtp supercharged v6 and I had a higher idle so I pulled the codes and it call for a throttle position sensor so I put a new one in and went around the block and it idles perfect now but when I went to drive it it revs up to 4000 rpm before it shifts into 2nd and then does the same into 3rd my engine light is still on I know I have to drive 100 miles but I’m getting 6.6 miles to the gallon and I can afford to do that I disconnected the batterie for a day and the light stays on and the car still won’t shift right and the trans was perfect before I did this good ckean fluid when I bought it I just don’t know what else to do fir it only code is tps what is wrong here?

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