scene analysis essay rubric

1) thesis statement is strong/ comprehension of key concepts is demonstrated/ assignment is fulfilled2) writing is well organized/transitions are used to connect ideas3) Essay is professional in appearance/ Writing is acdemic and polished, free of errors in grammar, spelling, and puctuation.It must be informative, argumentative and postmodernism. use tripartite thesis. 1. Intro2. body3. body4. body5. conclusion letter size 12, double space, 4 pages long. don’t just summarize the scene but must explain and make it interesting. movie scene to analyze is scene from pulp fiction linked here. use film class terms to analyze scene. terms are Macguffin, peekaboo law, leitmotif, dieogetic sound, non dieogetic sound, mise en scene, etc. doesn’t have to analyze the scene using 10+ important terms but it must contain at least 4-5 terms.

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