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An eco-map is a visual graphic that illustrates the systems in a person’s life that influence his or her behavior. In this Assignment, you will be creating an ecomap based on LeRoy Karas. Read LeRoy’s story, and create an ecomap based on the information provided. Be sure to include all systems and influences that affect his behavior. In addition to filling in the circles, be sure to add lines that signify the strength of the relationship between Leroy and each system. If the relationship is a give-and-take relationship, meaning that both benefit in some way, you should include two arrows, one going each way. If it is a one-sided relationship and only one side benefits, you should include a one-way arrow.  Create your ecomap using this template. The template includes instructions at the bottom of the page, and this brief video will walk you through the process, so make sure you watch it and refer back to it if you need to. You can also view a transcript of the video

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