Topic: Food Modernization and Safety Act (FSMA) Ensuring food safety in all phases of the food handling process involves attention to detail, written procedures, and safety controls. Managers utilize this method to prevent foodborne illness. Go to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website at: https://www.fda.gov/ Then do a search for “Buy, Store, & Serve Food” on the FDA site.  Based on what you read on the website, comment on the following scenario that occurred at a small restaurant’s receiving entrance: Scenario: A local supplier of cheese and dairy products has come to the back door of the local restaurant. The new receiver of shipments knows the restaurant is concerned with purchasing local products above all sources for the ingredients and foods served in the restaurant. She tells the vendor to leave them with some of their cheeses and yoghurt, and if the Chef likes the quality, she will be hearing from them. The vendor pulls the dairy product from the front seat of her car in a basket and hands her business card to the receiver. Based on what you reviewed on the FDA website, what should the receiver be concerned about? What should the receiver do? How should the restaurant chef or manager respond to the receiver?

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