Mob Apps.

The latest generation of mobile devices are portable enough to carry at all times, connected to voice and data networks, and contextually aware by using sensors and networks to preemptively complete tasks.  Many of today’s mobile applications are personalized, and are not useful if they can only access the data on the phone.  For a user to get, for example, sports scores, retrieve stock quotes, or perform accounting work, the mobile device needs to communicate with one or more servers, starting with the Window servers. 1. Discuss effective use of screen real estate 2. How does mobile user interface designs & websites reduce end-user self-efficacy? 3. What are the challenges of integrating mobile applications with multiple databases?  You may use attached source for reference, Use Latest 5 References, APA, 750 words+, Plagiarism Free.McWherterJeff_GowellScott-Professionalmobileapplicationdevelopment-WroxPrInc2012.pdf

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