Designing an observational study encompasses a variety of activities, such as:

Designing an observational study encompasses a variety of activities, such as:  Determining the research questions of their study  Defining the purpose of their study  Identifying independent and dependent variables in their study  Determining the variable measurement  Establishing the study participants  Determining the justification of cases and control  Determining measures of association for their study  There are many different types of observational studies. Each type of study may require that you apply these activities in a different way. It is important for you to understand each activity and how to apply them.  In this Discussion, you will propose a design for an observational study around a health problem. Within your design, you will consider the variables, participants, and design.  To prepare for this Discussion:  Review the comparisons of observational study designs provided in Table 7–7, on pages 317-318, in your Friis and Sellers (2021) text. Pay particular attention to the advantages and disadvantages of case-control and cohort studies. Review the Helpful Hints for Study Designs: Chapters 6 and 7 document in this week’s Learning Resources. Refer to the health issue you selected in Week 1. Determine a research question about the health issue that you have selected. Consider how you might design an observational study (case-control study or cohort study) that could answer the research question. Note: Not all research questions can be answered with an observational study design. You may need to revise your question to align with the observational study design.  By Day 4 Post a comprehensive observational study design proposal for your chosen topic. Your answer should include your responses to the following questions:  State your research question, and identify whether it is a case-control study or cohort study. Explain what you hope to learn from your proposed observational study. Identify your independent (exposure) and dependent (outcome; health issue) variables. Note: You may have more than one independent variable for a case-control study and more than one dependent variable for a cohort study. Explain how you will measure your variables. Identify the participants of your proposed observational study. Be as specific as possible regarding their characteristics. If you chose a case-control study design, explain your selection criteria for cases and controls. Justify why you selected a case-control study design. Identify the measure of association for your study. If you chose a cohort study, explain the type of cohort study you have selected. Justify why you selected a cohort study design. Identify the measure of association for your study.

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