Overview of project: The Board of Directors at Post University has asked you to create an integrated marketing communication (IMC) advertising program for the university. There are 2 reasons for this project: 1. The BoD wants a better understanding the target market(s) they are trying to attract. 2. Your slides will help the marketing and admissions teams at Post determine how best to promote the Post University brand and continue to grow the university. Instructions: Develop a professional PowerPoint presentation (approximately 8 content slides plus title and reference slides) which includes the following: 1. A title slide with your name, title of assignment and date (1 slide) 2. Introduction explaining the purpose of the slide deck (1 slide) 3. Approximately, how many colleges/universities are there in the US, and how many active college students are there in the US. (1 slide) 4. The Adult Learner Target Market. What is their the average age. What are the most likely and best channels to attract them (social media, eMail, TV, billboards, satellite or terrestrial radio, newspaper, etc.)? (1 slide) 5. Most adult students are in school to earn a degree so they can boost their lifetime earnings. Generalize the value of a college education by inserting a chart displaying the lifetime earnings comparison of lifetime high school earnings versus college education earnings (1 slide) 6. How does Post University stand out against the competition of other universities? (1 slide) 7. Persuasive summary (1 slide) 8. List of supporting references/citations (1 slide) MKT200 – Principles of Marketing Unit 6 Assignment: PowerPoint Presentation Requirements: 1. You must enter a complete set of statistics, data and supporting information in the Notes section of each slide. 2. You must include at least 3 references to support your work. 3. Limit your use of bullet points. Instead, use large pics, graphics, charts and other visual aids to help make the presentation come alive! Be sure to read and re-read the detailed instructions for each slide before you submit your work.

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