Logical Fallacies

Please read the following: (Note, these readings are all in The West Guide)

“Be a Success in Class” especially “Make the Most of Your Online Classes”

Chapter 17 (older edition 19):  “Introduction to Logical Argument”              

Avoiding Logical Fallacies Section pp. 276-282 ( or old edition pp 314-325.)

Wendy McElroy, “Victims from Birth” (pp. 466-467)  (old edition 321-323) or follow the link:


Steven Rhoads, “What Fathers Do Best” (pp. 468-470) (old edition 323-325) or follow the link:


Please watch the video lecture on “Victims from Birth”. You will be doing the same type of exercise in written format on “What Fathers Do Best.”

**Written Assignment #1:  Please list the Logical Fallacies you found in Steven  Rhoads’ article “What Fathers Do Best” and explain why they are  fallacies.  Due online by Sunday.

Please post by Sunday night under Discussions on the Wendy McElroy article. Do you agree with the couples’ choice? Do you agree with their right to make the choice? Explain your position.

Please read “Avoiding Logical Fallacies” in Chapter 19 of THE WEST GUIDE pp. 314-320.

Your assignment instructions are on p. 320 (or p. 290 with an older edition of the book) in the gray box. Please write up TEN of the logical fallacies in Steven Rhoads’ article, “What Fathers Do Best.” Note, that this is the “warm up” in the instructions, but in this class, it is your formal assignment.

The most important aspect of this assignment is that you EXPLAIN why certain points he makes are fallacies. BE SPECIFIC. This can be in list format with brief paragraphs of description to explain. It need not have an introduction or conclusion, but it must have explanations paragraphs for each fallacy.

TEN fallacies gets full credit.

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