Write a 5 pages paper on tajikistan youth and radical islam, hunger index, human rights in china talks.

Write a 5 pages paper on tajikistan youth and radical islam, hunger index, human rights in china talks. The article Tajikistan Youth Turn to Radical Islam” by Khayrullo Fayz delineates the economic factors aggravating the rapid radicalization of Tajik youth. Lack of education and limited job opportunities have left the youth ideal and choiceless. Thus, they are becoming easy prey to Islamist propaganda being disseminated through CDs, DVDs, cell phones, and the internet. Radical Islam offers the clueless Tajik youth a sense of direction in an otherwise hopeless scenario. The impact of radicalization is slowly but steadily infiltrating every aspect of Tajik social, cultural, and public life, a country that is officially secular. High handed tactics of the state are only hardening the resolve of the influenced individuals and groups. This article immaculately touches upon the multiple facets of radical Islam. Be it Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, the spread of radical Islam is closely tagged to the scarce economic opportunities, lack of access to health and education, and organized corruption. The spread of Radical Islam has an inseparable economic dimension and the Tajik situation only further corroborates this conclusion. This article also unravels the irony inherent in the approach of Islamist groups. On the one side, they deplore Western-style modernity, but on the other side, they tend to exploit the latest digital technology to convert the dispossessed segments of society. Courtesy of these technologies, the vulnerable groups, and individuals in the challenged economies are readily able to witness the prosperity in the West, which further adds to their dismay and anguish, making them think that Western influences are responsible for their plight. Hence, they easily succumb to the promises and inciting of radical elements. Not only this, but they start holding their West supported secular but corrupt rulers as a glaring proof of Western depravity and hegemony. Excessive violence on the nascent converts by these regimes only confirms their belief and resolve. Thus, the proliferation of radical Islam is the outcome of a vicious spiral, which for its sustenance depends on the Western democracies, to some extent. Hence, it is pivotal for the Western democracies to understand and assure that their best intentions do get practically translated at the grassroots level, in the regions exposed to radical Islam.

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