Write 8 pages thesis on the topic corporate culture and the recruitment processes in google.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic corporate culture and the recruitment processes in google. Human relations and good management entail internal human resources policies as well as customer relations as well as how the company deals with other categories of stakeholders. In the case of innovation, companies have been trying to come up with new ways of doing things, better products and services that meet the test of time. In order to elaborate this further, this paper shall look into the success of Google.com as well as the organisation’s culture in Google’s workplace. The other issue that will also be discussed in Google’s recruitment and selection policies. Google.com has been the number one search engine for quite a long time now and this success has not been without endless effort from the team behind its emergence and sustenance. Having a leading brand more so in the IT sector is quite a daunting task for both the management and the support staff i.e. all the other employees (Tony D et al. 2007). Google.com became successful the minute the management developed the idea of auctioning ads. This has been the centre of the company’s success. The method of auctioning was not believed to be as viable but it later proved sceptics wrong and Google is the evidence of the time. There are therefore a number of factors that have facilitated this over the years which are to be categorised into four. User experience seems to have taken the lead as compared to revenue generation. The company has ensured that the search engine has with time kept on optimising on the user experience. This as has been attributed to the realisation by the management that when the user is satisfied then revenue will follow. There is, therefore, the belief that the company needs to have a site that is the offering the best user experience as at that particular time and this is the other reason that has made it possible for the company to become more innovative so as to&nbsp.adjust to the current trends in technology and user needs (Coy 2006).

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