Need help with my writing homework on Violent Video Games and Actual Physical Violence. Write a 3750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Violent Video Games and Actual Physical Violence. Write a 3750 word paper answering; One reason why video games are associated with violence is that the related literature says the same thing. According to a study by Ward, one reason is that “much of the related psychological literature finds evidence consistent with violent video gameplay leading to subsequent violent or antisocial behaviors” (Ward 263). This means that the incidence of actual violence that follows the playing of video games actually correlate with the frequency of play. Moreover, the study by Bartholow and Anderson states that playing a violent video game would increase one’s aggressive behavior compared to playing a game that is not considered violent, and boys inclined more towards violence compared to girls (285). Moreover, according to Bushman and Anderson, people who played a violent game will interpret a character of written material as one behaving more aggressively than those who played a nonviolent video game (1680). From these aforementioned accounts of studies, one can see three ways by which violent video games can influence those who play them. First, violence is expressed through antisocial behavior, aggressive behavior, and a somehow violent interpretation of written material. Nevertheless, no matter how aggression is expressed, it will always have the tendency to influence somebody to the point of turning him into someone who can actually cause such violence. Although some studies would disagree with these results, it is because that they contend that these studies were only a result of correlation. However, the idea is that violent behavior may actually be learned in a gradual manner and not immediately. Thus, perhaps, one may play violent video games in childhood and only manifest the violence in adulthood.Another reason for the association between video games and violence is the offensive nature of these computer games. In fact, “some parents and community members may simply find these games offensive” (Ward 265).&nbsp.Although parents could be subjective in their judgment of video games and of labeling these games as violent, parents are highly influential and they possess wisdom when it comes to judging what is good for their children and what is not.

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