Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Israel Military Calculations towards Iran.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Israel Military Calculations towards Iran. Israel is worried that most areas occupied by over three-quarters of its population are vulnerable to nuclear strikes from Iran, an adversary in its vicinity that is pursuing nuclear weapons. This is because Iran has mastered how to continue its process of uranium enrichment by deceiving the international atomic energy agency. In addition, there is also a concern in Israel that Iran is complementing its missile capability, for example, shabaIII with nuclear weapon development. ShababIII missiles are capable of carrying nuclear war heads and the hypothetical launch site in western Iran makes most parts of Israel to vulnerable to surprise attacks. Iran is also perceived by Israel to be offensive as it supports militant and terrorist groups that oppose Israel rule and existence. These groups are given financial help and military training and they include Palestine Islamic jihad and Hezbollah which threatens the security of Israel. The outrageous statements uttered by Iranian leaders and which are supported by the neighboring Arab countries clearly indicate that Iran is committed to ensuring that the state of Israel faces many problems ranging from terrorism to destruction of the whole nation. For example, Ahmedinejaad the president of Iran has denied the holocaust and has threatened to wipe Israel from the map and has characterized Israel as an artificial state whose end is near. These verbal attacks are meant to enhance the primacy of Iran has a powerful country in the region, something Israel considers to be a threat to its security. Meanwhile, in Israel, the government is under pressure with how it is handling the terrorist groups, their continuous firing of rockets toward Israel and how the events are related to Iran’s outbursts. This pressure is revealed in the Sunday Times newspaper which says that Israel has been preparing to attack Iran’s nuclear sites using nuclear weapons because the sites are heavily protected by thick rocks. To make sure that this happens, Israel president has appointed right-wing politicians, for example, Lieberman and Effie Litem who believe that all Israel enemies have to be subdued.&nbsp. Attacking Iranian nuclear require complex planning because most targets are far away from Israel and the jets have to traverse the air space of the neighboring countries which can shoot them down. In addition, it requires many aerial refueling and if possible, long rang aerial unmanned vehicles have to be used. As at the present time, these obstacles make it difficult for Israel to strike nuclear installations in Iran.In the biblical times, they were exiled in Syria and later in Babylon and have been ruled by many surrounding nations some of which were cruel. During the 1st and 2nd world, many Jews were massacred in Germany and nations that were under German rule and this extended to the Soviet Union. These events culminated in the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 with great opposition from the Arabs and this led to Israel-Arab war. Since many surrounding nations do not recognize the existence of Israel, in other words, are enemies of Israel, the Jewish state will not allow them to have weapons that can wipe them from the earth. They will strike and in fact, they are striking soon.&nbsp.

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