Write “Gender” Essay

Write “Gender” Essay


This unit offered a lot of material to consider regarding gender, focused on how gender is understood, portrayed, and enacted in American society. You will notice that much of it centers on power (economic, political, familial, community, etc.). In fact, the materials could not discuss gender without also bringing up class and race, which also are related to power.

The term “intersectionality” is used by scholars today to analyze the interplay of class, race, gender, and other identities, which often results in multiple dimensions of disadvantage. Of course, the inverse is also true, that some forms of class, race, and gender can result in multiple dimensions of advantage. (Think rich white guy.)

Using what you’ve learned about gender, particularly, write a 400-600 word essay on the following question integrating what you know about class and race. Be sure to use your own words even if you are referring to the words or ideas of someone in the materials. There is no need to footnote, simply giving the page number or video time mark within parentheses is fine.

Foregrounding what you’ve learned about gender this week, how have you seen “intersectionality” work out in an historical event or recent event? What is the relationship of gender to class and race in this situation? Be sure to use specific concepts from the readings and video to ground your assessment in gender theory.

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