Slave ships: Select one of the ships on the map

Slave Ships

After completing the African Slave Trade readings for this week, take some extra time with the animated slave trade map.

Select one of the ships on the map and go to its “read more” option. (Not all of this option, so you may need to try to select more than 1 ship.)

Make 2 posts here:

Your first post should be about the slave ship you selected.

Tells us the name of the ship,

its nation of ownership,

and, for the specific voyage you clicked on, also explain:

from where in Africa it departed,

how many slaves were aboard?

where in the Americas it delivered its slaves, and how many slaves survived the voyage.

Make sure to cite your post by including the URL. In total, this should be about a paragraph long.


Your second post should be in response to another student. Mention one thing similar between your ships, and one thing different. Similarities/differences could include, for example: nation of ownership or numbers of slaves on board.


If possible, focus on significant differences—for example, ship ownership would be more interesting than a minute difference in mortality on the ship.

Lives of Native Americans and English Settlers

Using the readings and lecture from Chapter 1 Part 1 as well as Part 2, post here in a discussion about how Native Americans and English. How were they similar? How were they different? How did these differences lead to conflict?


Your posts should be about 1 paragraph long. Post a reply to at least 1 other student as well. Posts should be cited to show where you found your information.



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