Movie Review #2: What is the movie about?

All movie reviews must be 2-3 pages typed 12 font and double spaced.

  1. What is the movie about?
  2. What is the historical importance?
  3. What did you think about the movie?

Movie List

 A day without a Mexican

Born in East LA

Border Town

Como Agua Para Chocolate [Like Water for Chocolate] (W/ English Subtitles)

El Norte

For Greater Glory (Cristeros)

I am Joaquin

In America

Juarez (About Benito Juarez)

Juarez (About Ciudad Juarez)

Lone Star


La Otra Conquista [The other Conquest]

Maria Full of Grace

Mi Familia [My Familiy]


The Border


Under the same moon

Viva Zapata

Wetback [The undocumented Documentary]

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