Track Your Diet for 3 days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Estimate serving sizes to the best of your ability

NST 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition

University of California, Berkeley

Diet analysis Part 1


Part 1: Track Your Diet for 3 days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Estimate serving sizes to the best of your ability (last figure of this assignment may be useful). Use as much space as you need to record your intake.

Food eaten & how it’s cooked Amount eaten

(c, tsp, oz)

Brand name Reason for eating



Using the Chronometer program, input your food, beverages and activity for each day.


*  Go to

* Sign up for a free account

* Select the date you are recording your dietary intake (top left hand corner).

* Press on the “Add Food” button next to the date. Search for the food/drink you consumed and enter the proper serving size you consumed before pressing the “Add” button. If the food you ate is not in the database, choose the food that most closely matches the nutritional value of the food. You can also enter individual ingredients from a food (for example: chicken burrito = one tortilla+1/2 cup black beans+1/2 cup chicken+1 oz. cheese).


  1. (1 pt) Go to the “Diary” tab in the top menu bar. Export the webpage as a pdf document (right click the page > click “Print…” > switch your printer to “Save as PDF” option). Your report should include: total calories AND added sugars, protein (g), carbohydrate (g), dietary fiber, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, sodium, iron and vitamin D. You should have one pdf file for each day. THREE pdfs should be uploaded with your assignment.


  1. (1 pts) Under the “Trends” tab (top menu bar), click on “Nutrient Report” (right under “Trends”). Export the page as a pdf.. Make sure to include all 3 days in your report for the average nutrient analysis. ONE pdf should be uploaded with your assignment.


  1.  (2 pts) Using your food records above, what trends do you notice regarding your “reasons” for eating?




  1. (2 pts) According to the “Nutrients Report”:

I ate MORE than the target (DRI) for (list all nutrients):




I ate BELOW the target (DRI) for (list all nutrients):




  1. (4 pts) Complete this chart regarding your Daily Food Group Targets. You will have to figure out the values for the actually eaten column manually. To find the target amounts of each group, go to and select each food group on the menu bar on the left side. There is a chart for daily food target for each of the food groups.


Food Group Target

(From Choose My Plate)

Actual Eaten Name 2 ways you might improve your intake in the future? On a scale of

1-10, 10 being the high, how likely are you to implement this change?

Protein foods        






Estimating Serving Sizes



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