Businesses conceived should be a startup

Group Project: Students will form themselves into groups to do the group work in the class. Ideas for new ventures usually come from the groups themselves. Businesses conceived should be a startup (product ready for sale but no real sales – all market research and real research done), have sustainable competitive advantages, ability to compete in an international marketplace, and promise substantial economic benefits to stakeholders.


The Team Project should be a power point presentation with notes (include resumes, detailed projections, market research questionnaire, etc. in the appendix as needed) that will constitute the group’s final written reports. (Note that the credibility of budgets and projections depends on the clarity of the business concept, and the thoroughness and believability of the information and decisions that underlie the analysis.) The plan should be in power-point format (enhanced with notes at the bottom of the slides to provide the backup information needed. No word document is needed).Also:

Minimum design – I don’t reward design. I do reward good analysis.
No reverses
Black font on white paper
Large enough to be readable

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