Complete the following assessment


Complete the following assessment:  Lab 9.1 How Stressed Are You?  LAB 9.1 How Stressed Are You.pdf Send your scores and reflections from SECTIONS III AND IV.  You do not have to submit the assessment.



Visit the website of the Counseling and Psychological Service program at IUPUI CAPS program) at.

REVIEW ALL OF THE OFFERINGS OF THIS PROGRAM.  Report your findings in 100 words using these questions for prompts:   Who is eligible for CAPS services?  What is available?  Fees?  How does CAPS benefit IUPUI Students?



For the next 10 days, record your relaxation practices on the attached Stress Reduction Daily Diary.Stress Reduction Daily Diary Summer.docxAim to do a stress reduction practice each day for 10 days. Try some different ones for variety.  Summarize your experience in 100 words and submit your diary.  Refer to page 327 for some suggestions to help you manage stress.  Here are some sample practices for you.  There are some additional meditations in the file section that include:  Mountain. Lake, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenics and Rainbow Meditation. 01 Mountain Lake.wma 02 Progressive Muscular Relaxation.wma 03 Autogenics.wma 04 Rainbow Meditation.wma

Relaxation Response

Relaxation Response: Dr. Herbert Benson Teaches You The BasicsAlso there is a script in file section Steps to Elicit the Relaxation Response.docx

4:7:8 Breathing

Asleep in 60 seconds: 4-7-8 breathing technique claims to help you nod off in just a minute

Body Scan

Body Scan Meditation – Daniel Goleman

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises — in file section Stretching and Strengthening Exercises.pdf or follow me here

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