Project Overview: Artifact Proposal

Project Overview:
1. A 9 page (including title page, abstract, and reference page) APA formatted paper. The paper must include a minimum of six references (Peer Reviewed Articles) and 2 in-text citations per page.
2. You will pick an organization, a public or a private entity (Do not make one up, make sure that it exists). Please do not lose sight that this is a research project based on academic peer-reviewed literature.  It must include reference to Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of management from week 1.  You will identify any issues that are present in the organization that you want to address. Create a plan to address proposing organizational management structure and design changes. What would these changes accomplish and how you will go about achieving that goal. Use theoretical concepts (i.e., terms/vocabulary/content from this course and researched in peer-reviewed sources) to create this plan. The rubric I use to grade this paper will look at whether you connected theoretical material to the discussion and analysis present in the paper. This is not a descriptive essay, it is a paper that will discuss the issues you are addressing, provide an analysis based on the theoretical material, and provide solutions using those theories and concepts.  Remember the overall goal of this assignment is to find out if you understand the theoretical material and can apply it in an analysis.
3. In the paper you will use a minimum of 2 graphs, bars or plots that you created showing projected 3 year growth (data is made up by you “not real”) by utilizing your proposed changes to the structure and design. Even though this data is fictitious please make sure that it lines up with the discussion and analysis that you present. A disjointed, unrelated presentation of data will be marked as incorrect. Make sure that graphic material is placed in the paper according to APA guidelines.
4. The paper must include a minimum of six references (Peer Reviewed Articles). Other non peer-reviewed material can be additional but not part of the required references.
5. Key Requirements of this Assignment:
A) The all the required sections (as required by APA) are present in the paper. You should have:
a. a cover page.
b. an abstract.
c. an introduction that covers the theoretical material (.e.g, theories, concepts, ideas, etc.) you will use in the discussion and analysis in your paper. The introduction should make a clear statement of what the issues are in the organization. It should also clearly describe what theoretical material you will use to analyze those issues as well as used to provide the plan to address them (solutions) in your paper.
d. a plan of action. This section will discuss each issue with an analysis as a previously stated based on theoretical material from the course.  Under each issue you wil provide a plan (solutions) to address that issue.
e. a conclusion that will sum up your paper and making recommendatons for future follow-up to evaluate if the implementation of your plan was successful and, if not, where it failed.
f. a reference page with all the references of your peer-reviewed sources that you use.  These sources should of course be aligned with the theoretical material you use as a basis for your discussion, analysis, and proposed plan of action. In other words it should be the support or your basis of all those facets of this paper.
Below you will find the link to the Artifact Proposal Form which you must complete and submit in Week 2. The due date is July 17, 2021.

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