Assignment #3 — Managing Emotions

Assignment #3

50 points

DUE:  August 1


Managing Emotions


“You wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think

 if you realized how seldom they do. “

Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Facing Worry and Anxiety

Complete the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale attached here. Report your score, you do not have to return the assessment. In a short paragraph of 50 words explain your plans to reduce your score (if above 19)?  If your score is below 19 you feel less anxious than the average person. Mention what you are doing well.


  1. Managing Anger

Complete the Anger Recognition Checklist attached here. In a short paragraph of 50 words explain what you can do or what you have done to improve your profile to become a healthier one?  You do not have to return this assessment.


  1. Positive Emotions

Review the lecture notes about Positive Psychology the watch the following video and respond to the following questions in a short paragraph of 150 words: How do positive emotions affect our outlook? According to Dr. Fredrickson and your interpretation of the lecture how do positive emotions change us?

Barbara Fredrickson: Positive Emotions Open Our Mind (Links to an external site.)Barbara Fredrickson: Positive Emotions Open Our Mind


  1. Authentic Happiness

Visit the site of Authentic Happiness at (Links to an external site.)

Review the site and discuss in 200 words ONE of the Positive Psychology Initiatives – you will find the Initiatives from the top menu bar on the home page.


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