#16 Disruptive innovation

Welcome to the 2nd week of the seminar series, Your Disruptive Innovation.  This week, we have an example of a Disruptive Innovation, creating electricity from thin air.

We want you to think and analyze this specific innovation and how it would break paradigms to improve your life. Then we want to identify and define your disruptive innovation that would improve your life.

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Read the following article of how electricity can be created out of “thin air”.


Then answer these questions and submit your assignment via your student page as an assignment titled, My Disruptive Innovation: Elaboration:


1. Describe the disruptive innovation presented in the article.

2. What is the great potential of this disruptive innovation?

3. Why would this innovation be seen as disruptive?

4. Now think of a disruptive innovation for your life. What would it be? Describe it.

5. What traditional method or practice would have to change to allow your innovation?

6. How would your disruptive innovation change your life?


We are excited to read and review your idea for a disruptive innovation.  We expect your answers in the next 3 days via your student portal.

Be ready every Friday to expand on the vision of your disruptive innovation and to manifest it into reality.  Through this course you will experience exponential growth and acquire entrepreneur insights that will help you reach your maximum potential.


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