#10 Health Communication Practice Strategies and Theories

In these days of global pandemic, we are all learning about advanced levels of Heath Communication. Students of AIU have an advantage by studying online from their homes. Their courses are not interrupted. This course teaches the communication patterns involved in Human interaction and Health Promotion.

Students are guided to see the world in a multi-dimensional way; to have more awareness of the multi-faceted aspects of life. An important part of Health Promotion is communication patterns between humans. Even in this era of global pandemic, people are taught “Social Distancing”, which is maintaining at least 2 meters of distance between people. One question to consider during this course is… How does Social Distancing affect human communication and trust between individuals?

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AIU students develop a deeper awareness of social interaction through this course for Health Promotion in society.

Optional Course Name:   Health Communication Practice Strategies and Theories

Due date of assignment: Within 5 days of receiving course.

Course Description:

In this course you will study a chapter from a book in the AIU library: Health Communication Strategies and Skills for a New Era.  You will study chapter 4 to understand the strategies in Health Communication.

At AIU, each student is unique and unrepeatable with a different vision of their future. Each student develops a unique blend of courses in their education.

You can download the book for the exam from the link below.

Study Material:

AIU library book:  Health Communication Strategies and Skills for a New Era, Chapter 4.

http://students.aiu.edu/submissions/profiles/resources/onlineBook/M8m7i6_Health%20communication%20_%20strategies%20and%20skills%20for%20a%20new%20era%202020.pdf Link to Exam & Questions:

http://aiustudev.aiu.edu/submissions/profiles/resources/OnlineActiveLearning/b9t4k4_exam%204%20health%20communication%20strategies.docx Assignment Format:


Assignment Submission:

Once your assignment is ready, you will submit it via your student section for evaluation.  First you add the course name above to your student section. On the home page of your student section there is a link that says, “Add courses into Curriculum”. Click there. Then you will see a button to add the name of this course.

Then you submit the assignment through another link on your home page called “Submit an assignment”. You will choose the course name in the drop-down list. Then you choose to send the assignment “offline”. Then you upload the file(s) from your computer to submit the assignment.

The assignment will include a cover page, introduction to the subject, conclusion and a bibliography of any sources used.


Integral Culture of AIU: AIU prepares students to defend and secure the human rights of all people. AIU pledges to support the 17 UNESCO goals for a sustainable world. AIU guides each student to choose an individual plan of courses that will best prepare them for the future.

Note: This course can be completed to development your knowledge if you find this subject interesting. You can submit the assignment for 3 credits. The course name will appear on your AIU transcript. These are optional courses and can only be 30% of your total courses.



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